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Michael D. Fox

Michael brings a diverse background to Independent Edge. Born in rural Ohio, he took a love of writing and performing off to college, where he earned a BFA in broadcasting and film while working his way through as a pay-tv salesperson and stand-up comic. Upon achieving his first degree, he was promoted to sales management, overseeing up to 30 sales and customer service representatives. He then moved on to advertising, where he worked as a copywriter, account executive, and broadcast production manager. Since obtaining his Master's in Mass Communication, he has taught at three universities -- currently an adjunct facility member at Southern Ohio College -- and started B+ Productions with partner Mark Burchett in the spring of 1995.

The company's first effort, VAMPS: DEADLY DREAMGIRLS, is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning genre piece that Michael edited and co-wrote, directed, and produced with Burchett. Their follow up, EVIL AMBITIONS, features bigger stars, stronger production values, and a creative essence that has many critics saying its a stronger effort than VAMPS.

IE's first effort, the outrageous sexy romp LIVE NUDE SHAKESPEARE is available in video stores nationwide and was recently selected a Top 10 Pick by CAVR. Fox and comedy troupe The Slashmen followed with the politically incorrect sketch comedy collage RUDE TV: KNOWLEDGE IS THE ENEMY, which one critic said takes the form to "the next level" and has another critic claiming it should be a regular show on cable. Fox wrapped up a busy 1998 with production of IE's newest release CHICKBOXIN UNDERGROUND, and "hired hand" gigs as line producer for two other feature films: the contemporary noir APRIL'S FOOL and a gen-x romantic comedy called THE LAST LATE NIGHT, a SAG show shot on 35mm.

While he certainly doesn't plan on leaving writing, producing, and directing behind, he is currently focused on building Independent Edge Releasing as its founder the closest thing to a leader that IE's horizontal organizational structure calls for. His idea to use the model found at the university to mold a creative and business collaborative around gives Independent Edge its spirit, vitality, and flexibility.

Mike Fox & Satan Fox preaches inter activity: "We all have a say on several fronts. For example, our in-house and client artists are asked to play an active role in presenting an image of our titles in the market. Each professional sits on several committees. This promotes a well-rounded, renaissance view, if you will, of Independent Edge operations, and the motion picture business as a whole."

Fox is single, "my work is my life", a conservative anarchist, and a passionate baseball fan. His favorite directors: Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppola, John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock. His creative credo: "Alfred Hitchcock was a B-movie maker... he simply brought an "A" creative sensibility to the process."


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